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240 pages


Creator: Tom Leveen | Family & Relationships - 2010-04-27

As eleven different high school students recount, in their own voices, events before, during, and after the same end-of-year party, the stories intersect and combine in unexpected ways.

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

About this book
It's saturday night in Santa Barbara and school is done for the year. Everyone is headed to the same party. Or at least it seems that way. The place is packed. The beer is flowing. Simple, right? But for 11 different people the motives are way more complicated. As each character takes a turn and tells his or her story, the eleven individuals intersect, and reconnect, collide, and combine in ways that none of them ever saw coming.

302 pages

The Party, The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers

Creator: Richard McGregor | History - 2010-06-08

An eye-opening investigation into China's Communist Party and its integral role in the country's rise as a global superpower and rival of the United States.

Publisher: HarperCollins

About this book
An eye-opening investigation into China's Communist Party and its integral role in the country's rise as a global superpower and rival of the United States China's political and economic growth in the past three decades is one of astonishing, epochal dimensions. The country has undergone a remarkable transformation on a scale similar to that of the Industrial Revolution in the West. The most remarkable part of this transformation, however, has been left largely untold--the central role of the Chinese Communist Party. As an organization alone, the Party is a phenomenon of unique scale and power. Its membership surpasses seventy-three million, and it does more than just rule a country. The Party not only has a grip on every aspect of government, from the largest, richest cities to the smallest far-flung villages in Tibet and Xinjiang, it also has a hold on all official religions, the media, and the military. The Party presides over large, wealthy state-owned businesses, and it exercises control over the selection of senior executives of all government companies, many of which are in the top tier of the Fortune 500 list. In "The Party," Richard McGregor delves deeply into China's inner sanctum for the first time, showing how the Communist Party controls the government, courts, media, and military, and how it keeps all corruption accusations against its members in-house. The Party's decisions have a global impact, yet the CPC remains a deeply secretive body, hostile to the law, unaccountable to anyone or anything other than its own internal tribunals. It is the world's only geopolitical rival of the United States, and is steadfastly poised to think the worst of the West. In this provocative and illuminating account, Richard McGregor offers a captivating portrait of China's Communist Party, its grip on power and control over China, and its future.

224 pages

Party!, Simple and Delicious Party Food

Creator: Mike Cooper | Cooking - 2007-05-01

This book will tell the reader how to create and cater for a party. With a 'Sex in the City' feel this book looks at a number of party themes, giving hints and tips for each one along with the recipes for the food and drink.

Publisher: Parragon Incorporated

About this book
This book will tell the reader how to create and cater for a party. With a 'Sex in the City' feel this book looks at a number of party themes, giving hints and tips for each one along with the recipes for the food and drink. With chapters including Birthday Parties, New Year Parties, Cocktail Parties, Spa Parties and Garden parties, it is a guide for all party throwers.

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Editor's picks

  • OTC

    12 Pairs of 80's Sunglasses - Party Favors

    Toy (OTC)
    List Price: $9.99

  • CelebrateExpress

    Balloon Fun Mega Value Pack Swirl Decorations (50) Party Supplies

    Toy (CelebrateExpress)
    List Price: $18.00
    Price: $11.28
    You Save: $6.72 (37%)

    24 plain swirls
    Huge decoration pack
    13 with 7 inch cutouts
    50 hanging swirls
    13 with 5 inch cutouts

  • Generic

    Generic RGB Crystal Ball Effect Light E27 LED Rotating Stage Lighting For Disco DJ Party

    Musical Instruments (Generic)
    List Price: $19.99

    Automated Pan & Tilt^Three color of strobe effects: red
    home decoration
    etc.^E27 RGB
    Long service lifetime
    Strobe^Wide application to bars
    green and blue.

  • Rhode Island Novelty

    Flashing Led Bumpy Ring (Pack of 12)

    Toy (Rhode Island Novelty)
    List Price: $9.99

    Great party favor
    Flashing lights when activated
    Fun costume accessory

  • Hallmark

    Disney Frozen Party Supplies Pack Including Plates, Cups and Napkins for 16 Guests

    Toy (Hallmark)

    16 Cups
    16 Cake/Dessert Plates
    32 Beverage Napkins

  • The Beistle Company

    Foil Gold Bar Favor Boxes Party Accessory (1 count) (12/Pkg)

    Toy (The Beistle Company)
    List Price: $3.50
    Price: $3.49
    You Save: $1.60 (46%)

    High Quality
    12 per package
    Novelty Items for festive occasions
    Pirate party item
    This item is a great value!

  • INST

    INST Solar Powered LED String Light, Ambiance Lighting, 55ft 17m 100 LED Solar Fairy String Lights for Outdoor, Gardens, Homes, Christmas Party (Warm White)

    Lawn & Patio (INST)

    The volume of solar energy converted and stored everyday ,great and long lighting performance.
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration with trees, wreaths, etc.
    This solar LED works by converting solar energy into electricity during the day, and it lights up automatically at dark.
    100 LED lights STEADY and FLASH in a string, form a beautiful and fairy world.
    Sealed process, with good waterproof performance.

  • Fun Express

    Metallic Silver Foil Fringe Curtains (1 pc)

    Toy (Fun Express)
    List Price: $8.00
    Price: $0.46
    You Save: $7.54 (94%)

    Measures: 3 ft x 8 ft.
    1 Curtain.
    Silver Foil Fringe.

  • Southern Telecom

    Lightahead® Rotating Strobe LED Crystal stage light for Disco party club bar DJ .ball Bulb Multi changing Color

    Lighting (Southern Telecom)

    Rotating strobe LED Crystal Lamp Light Bulb
    Made of Plastic.Easy to install in any light socket or lamp
    Multi-Color changing all the time automatically.Has a slight whirring sound of motor
    9W (3w x 3 LED) Long life upto 20000 hrs.Power supply 85v-260v
    Ideal for home party's ,disco,Bar's ,Club's ,stage and even children's rooms.

  • Nintendo

    Wii Party U

    Video Games (Nintendo)

    Rating (125 reviews):

    Wii Party On

    Wii Party U is an HD version of Wii party as another reviewer said but more than that its a fun game that makes excellent use of the gamepad. The games in this party game collection and fun for everyone and the controls are very intuitive.This game is best for at least 3 players but 4 gets you the best effect. Its deceptively fun. I didn't really like Wii Party but this game takes the good from that one and cuts out what didn't work. What we are left with is a fun game.I will admit I would have liked to see some other things but what is here is fun and addictive. While most games are aimed at the so called "Hardcore market", this is a game that appeals to everyone. No matter who you are, you will find something to love about this game.The gamepad is integrated into the game in unique ways, be it sharing the gamepad for turns or using it to simulate scooping water.The games may seem childish and silly at first, but once you start playing... 5/5 Jonathan Balofsky "gryphon" (toronto, ontario canada) - See all my reviews = Fun:, November 1, 2013

    Best for 3 or more players

    Played enough with my GF to give a brief analysis from a 2-player experience.This game was built from the ground-up to be a 3-4 player game experience, although some accomodations were made for 2-player guests. The House Party Mode, for example, where you'll find many of the popular games including 'Name the Face' is practically inaccessible to 2 players, as most of the games there are for 3 or more players. In the other modes, including Gamepad Island and TV party, CPU opponents can be added for those mini-games requiring more than 2 players. The CPU replacements are challenging at first for the uninitiated and gaming neophytes in general, but after playing the same mini-game 2-3 times and getting a better grasp of the controls/rules, the CPU opponents, even in the hard settings, pose no challenge.From personal preference, Gamepad Island is a step-down from its predecessor, IMO. My GF and I found passing the Gamepad back-and-forth to be bothersome after a... 5/5 J. Reed (Washington DC) - See all my reviews, October 29, 2013

    An HD update to WiiParty

    0 4/5 CAPS ON! (Eastern Seaboard) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Wii Party U (Video Game) Basically it's WiiParty with different mini games.Some are great, some are pure luck (pick a bush and hope the ostrich doesn't find you).It has a great horse racing game where you ride different exotic animals, each with it's own strength and weakness.The GamePad only games are very nostalgic looking. They give you the feel that you are manipulating tiny toys or old fashioned skill games.For those of use that liked the Island board game, they now have a few different variations (we always enjoyed the island one in WiiParty).The graphics are bright and beautiful.Considering the current price of $49.96, you are getting a controller and a game that costs you $10.00 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , October 25, 2013
    List Price: $49.99
    Everyone at the party competes with his or her own Mii characters in a medley of party games.
    When you want to leave the TV behind, you can choose to play exclusively on the Wii U GamePad with an array of 15 tabletop games, ranging from foosball to baseball, for two-player competitive and cooperative play.
    In addition to the main games that everyone can play together, there are 80 minigames that can be played on your own.
    Post your impressions of game sessions to Miiverse™.
    Experience new ways to play with others using the Wii U GamePad.

party - News

The nearly monthlong marathon of Emmy parties is entering the homestretch, culminating with Monday's televised ceremony and post-Emmy events. The unusual Monday scheduling of the Emmy Awards this year led to shifts in some Emmy weekend staples, ... - Aug 18, 2014

Pregnant woman shot, killed at birthday party HOUSTON - A birthday party for a teenager turned deadly when an unknown suspect walked by and began firing shots into the house. "Everybody was basically diving on the floor," said witness Karrysha Turner. Houston Police Department responded to ...
KHOU - Aug 19, 2014

The party left me.” Without doubt, the party under Barack Obama has left those Jews who view Israel's security as threatened. Obama recently told a New York Times interviewer, “Because Israel is so capable militarily, I don't worry about Israel's ...
New York Post - Aug 18, 2014

Vintage Is Always In Style At New York's Jazz Age Lawn Party The Jazz Age Lawn Party is the only place in New York where strangers will smile, laugh and Charleston away from you if you bump into them. Here, you travel back in time to the glamour of 1920s jazz age New York — or at least what society's elite ...
Forbes - Aug 18, 2014

Skewers for a Party Not a dinner party, but there must be tantalizing food, of course. Those little brochettes will be sizzling over glowing coals, and the air will be filled with wafts of savory aromas as your guests arrive. (Lacking this idyllic setting, you could use a ...
New York Times - Aug 17, 2014

Gift Ideas

Faux Gold Confetti Engagement Party Invite

party, gold, black, glitter, glittery, cute,
Cute gold confetti design that can be customized with your text. Check out the Origami Prints shop for more engagement party invites!
Price: $$2.01

Silver Winter Wonderland Christmas Holiday Party Personalized Invites

silver, winter theme, christmas, holiday, holiday
Holiday Party Invitation. Silver Sparkle jewel snowflake design. Please Note: All flat images, they do not have real jewels!
Price: $$1.96