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321 pages

Handbook of ELISPOT, Methods and Protocols

Creator: Alexander E. Kalyuzhny | Medical - 2005-01-01

secreted form peripheral blood mononuclear cells in the plate coated with anti- IL -2 and anti-IFN-γ antibodies was ... Membrane-Backed Microplates ELISPOT assays can be performed using either 96-well clear plastic plates (4,25) or plates  ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

352 pages

Complete Printmaker

Creator: John Ross | Art - 2009-12-01

5 The solvent will soften the printed image enough to transfer it to the plate or stone. Experiment to find the right combination of ... Textured wash effects work best on a clear plastic like Kronar. Stabilene is a Mylar-based clear material with  ...

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

149 pages

An Investigation on the Interactivity Between Suspended-load Backpack and Human Gait


Two motion track sensors were placed on the clear plastic plates connected with the backpack frame and the payload respectively. To avoid the interference of the metal frame on the flock bird sensor, two clear plastic plates with length of ...

Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
An experiment was conducted to validate the accuracy of the model and to examine the effects of the suspended-load backpack on the human gait. Ten male subjects carrying a suspended-load backpack walked on a treadmill. The movements of the torso and the load were captured. The temporal and kinetic gait parameters were recorded. The results showed that (1) there was an agreement between the experiment data and the predicted value from the model, where the absolute percentage error is 24.2%, (2) with the suspended-load backpack the normalized push-off force (NPOF) decreased when the walking speed increased, which is contradictory to the effect of a conventional backpack on NPOF, and (3) the suspended-load backpack had the same effect as a conventional backpack on cycle time (CT), single support time (SST), double support time (DST), normalized weight acceptance force (NWAF), and normalized mid-stance force (NMSF). These results provided some quantitative insight into the movement of the suspended-load backpack during walking and the response of the gait to the suspended-load backpack.

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Find stylish clear plastic tableware for your table display. Shop for divided clear plastic plates, bowls, cups, and more.

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Shop our clear plastic plates and clear disposable plates to find the right dinnerware for your catering business. Wholesale prices and fast shipping.

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Clear plastic plates in assorted sizes. Desert plates, dinner plates in round and square. Wholesale prices available.

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Shop clear plastic plates in bulk at WebstaurantStore, your resource for restaurant supplies and equipment. Order today for fast shipping, wholesale pricing and ...

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Editor's picks

  • Daily Chef

    Daily Chef 6.25-Inch Plastic Plates, Clear, 100 Count

    Kitchen (Daily Chef)
    List Price: $0.00

    Daily Chef brand
    100 Count per pack
    Clear 6.25 inch premium quality plastic plates

  • Daily Chef

    Daily Chef Clear Plastic Plates, 9 Inch, 50 Count

    Kitchen (Daily Chef)

    Ideal for food service
    Premium quality
    Daily Chef Clear 9 inch Plastic Plates
    Plates are decorative

  • wna

    WNA Cut Crystal Heavyweight Clear Plastic Party Plates, 70 Count

    Kitchen (wna)

    Beautiful crystal look design
    WNA Cut Crystal Heavyweight clear plastic 7.5 in. Party Plates 70 ct.
    Heavyweight plastic for easier serving

  • Chinet

    Chinet Cut Crystal Dinner Plates, 10 Inch, 100 Count

    Health and Beauty (Chinet)

    Rating (75 reviews):

    Utilitarian and then some

    For times when you need "disposable" dinnerware, you can select from biodegradable and compostable, paper, styrofoam, white plastic, clear plastic, red plastic, other colors of plastic, or these lovely Chinet Cut Crystal Dinner Plates which are clear plastic and are far superior to other "disposable" I've used in the past. I wouldn't say they are really akin to cut crystal, but these are structurally sound, lovely to look at, comfortable in the hand if yours is not a sit down event, and washable in the sink but not the dishwasher. We needed disposable plates for a large event and they exceeded our expectations. They don't look like cheap plastic plates, especially when on a tablecloth with silverware or heavyweight silver plastic flatware. For picnics, we use either simple glass or biodegradable and compostable dishes, but for an elegant situation which does not include traditional dinnerware, this is absolutely the way to go. I highly recommend washing the used plates for use a... 5/5 zhabazon - See all my reviews, March 25, 2010

    Chinet (semi)disposable plates

    The first thing that you notice about these plates is how heavy they are. Individually they are quite light. But put them in a stack of 25, and they weigh a little over 3 pounds. That doesn't sound like a lot, but when the box of 100 plates arrives weighing 15 pounds, it's a little surprising.These are hansom plates, and strong. Loading these plates full and carrying them around by the rim doesn't feel risky at all. Likewise, using a sharp knife to cut stubborn meat feels secure.I'm disappointed that these plates don't claim to be biodegradable. Then again, my experiments show that they survive the dishwasher just fine if you'd like to get multiple uses from them.These would be a fine choice for special occasions where something dressier than paper is called for. They would also be a good choice for holiday sit-down dinners, where the hostess would prefer not to risk her best bone china at the children's table. They would also be good for... 5/5 Rex Kullmann (South Florida) - See all my reviews, April 15, 2010

    Very nice plates for sharing your food with others

    I haven't used plastic plates in years but I recently decided that they could be helpful to me. I love to cook and then share what I made with my friends and neighbors. Sometimes it takes weeks before I get my good plates back and then my friends feel guilty about it. However, I would not feel good about putting my food on just any old plastic plates. These have fit the bill.First, the packaging: there is less waste with these than when you buy plates in 25 packs. Still, I am not too sure that I need to buy 100 at a time for my needs.The quality of the plates are really nice for what they are but don't expect them to look like real cut crystal, they just look like nice plastic plates. They are heavyweight and are not going to fold or crumple under the weight of a large steak and a loaded baked potato. However, when cutting food with a knife the plates do get scored quite a bit.I could see that they would be useful for casual entertaining,... 4/5 Timothy B. Riley - See all my reviews, May 2, 2010
    List Price: $80.23
    Price: $37.00
    You Save: $43.23 (54%)
    Durable Plastic
    Perfect for Entertaining
    Made in USA
    100 count pack of 10" plates
    Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

  • King Zak Industries, Inc.

    Hanna K. Signature Collection 50 Count Plastic Plate, 10-Inch, Clear

    Kitchen (King Zak Industries, Inc.)

    10 inch Plates
    Disposable plates
    50 Count plates
    Designed for all occasions, banquets, parties, upscale catering and home
    Clear plates

  • Party Bargains

    Blue Sky Heavyweight Clear Salad and Dinner Plates, Plastic Silverware Combo Pack, 200 Piece Party Set.

    Kitchen (Party Bargains)

    Elegant Disposable Place Settings for 40 people, all you need in 1 package
    Easy and affordable substitution to real china dishes and silverware
    40 Plastic 10" Clear Premium Plates with Scroll Design
    120 Pieces of Upscale collection Heavyweight silver Plastic Cutlery 80 Forks / 40 Knives.
    40 Plastic 7" Clear Premium Plates with Scroll Design

  • Party Essentials

    Party Essentials Deluxe Quality Hard Plastic 70 Count Round Party/Dessert Plates, 6-Inch, Clear

    Kitchen (Party Essentials)

    From dinnerware, cutlery and cups to serveware, table covers and more, Northwest Enterprises has just the right party essentials available on Amazon
    Each value pack contains 70 dessert plates with a slight depth and gracefully fluted edges
    Classic tableware styling; hand washable; reusable; disposable; deluxe bowls, dinner, luncheon, salad and appetizer plates are also available
    Northwest Enterprises deluxe quality hard plastic 6-inch round appetizer/dessert plates; plates are available in clear, black or white
    Ideal for catering, food service, picnics, weddings, buffets, family reunions, holidays, graduation, birthdays and everyday use

  • TradeMart Inc.

    Amscan Square Premium Plastic Plates, 10 3/4", Clear

    Toy (TradeMart Inc.)
    List Price: $20.60
    Price: $14.84
    You Save: $5.76 (28%)

    Plates are made of durable plastic
    Available in packs of 10
    Each plate measures 10 3/4"
    Perfect for any occasion, pair them with other solid colors or bold pattern for some stylish accent

  • KCH Corporation

    Laura Stien Clear Plastic 9 Inch Plates Pack Of 40

    Kitchen (KCH Corporation)

    Laura Stien Signature Collection Clear Plastic Plates Is Another Great Item ByKCH Corp From Cups, Cutlery, Tumblers, Shot Cups,Plates , And More Quality Disposables Has It All Avalible On Amazon
    40 Clear Plastic 9 Inch Plates Per Package
    Laura Stien Clear Plastic Plates Is Designed For Every Day Use And Every Ocassion
    Clear Plastic Plates
    Great Quality, Beautifull Design

  • EMI Yoshi

    Party Combo Pack-600 Pieces, Premium Plastic CLEAR Plates, Silver Cutlery, Clear Tumblers w/Bonus FDL Picks - SERVES 100

    Kitchen (EMI Yoshi)

    100 each Plastic 7" and 10" Clear Premium Plates with Scroll Design - Yoshi Caterer's Collection
    300 pieces Plastic Silver Cutlery - 100 Forks, 100 Knives, 100 Spoons - Yoshi Glimmerware
    Includes 100 HHS Signature Amber Fleur de Lis Party Picks
    600-piece Combo CLEAR Party Pack, EMI Yoshi - Service for 100
    100 Clear Plastic 10 oz. Scroll Design Tumblers - Yoshi Resposables

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Silver Clear Plastic Look Design 0205 Plate

cool, clear, silver, white, gray, plastic, modern,
Clear silver color and white plastic texture design.
Price: $$27.85

Silver Clear Plastic Look Design 0205 Melamine Plate

cool, clear, silver, white, gray, plastic, modern,
Clear silver color and white plastic texture design.
Price: $$27.85

Silver Clear Plastic Look Design 0205 Porcelain Plate

cool, clear, silver, white, gray, plastic, modern,
Clear silver color and white plastic texture design.
Price: $$51.30

Silver Clear Plastic Look Design 0205 Porcelain Plate

cool, clear, silver, white, gray, plastic, modern,
Clear silver color and white plastic texture design.
Price: $$51.30