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Gardens - 1977-07

1000 RETURN ADDRESS LABELS $100 1000 gummed economy labels printed in black witb any name, address and zip code up to 4 lines. Older S7 1 7 Economy Labels, ... Add 20C per set for | TRUE MEANING OF NAME With Poem In A Frame A unique ...

192 pages

Living with What You Love, Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles

Creator: Monica Rich Kosann, Alexa Hampton, Steven Randazzo | Architecture - 2010-04-20

That's why personalization is so important. I love to see a name. initial. or inscription on a piece in a family living ... When you first bring personal items into public spaces. your kids or friends may have to guess at their meaning.

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

About this book
Famed portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann has spent a career helping people add a final layer of personality to their home once the interior designer’s work is done. Monica’s clients—celebrities, designers, socialites—want to find ways to add warmth and love to rooms, celebrating what they cherished most—be it family, pets, jewelry, books, or travel. Having helped countless families artfully present their family photography, heirlooms, and collectibles, she now divulges the secrets to her skill in this book. Living with What You Love shows you how to integrate your treasured objects with your home’s décor.With inventive ideas as simple as arranging a vignette of vacation souvenirs, and as complex as covering an entire wall with family photographs and memorabilia, Living with What You Love offers the skilled guidance of Monica’s trained eye. There’s inspiration for everyone, and for every type of space, whether small or grand. Anything can be a stage for display: a coffee table can be arranged with collectibles; kitchen shelves a showcase for heirloom stoneware, while walls are a canvas to be covered with happy times.Full of stunning photographs of the homes of real families, those of well-known interior designers, and Monica’s own, Living with What You Love is a gorgeous and helpful guide that will help you bring your most cherished possessions into your everyday life. MONICA RICH KOSANN is a nationally recognized fine-art portrait photographer, who has worked with many prestigious families and celebrities, as well as a designer of jewelry and home accessories.  Her work has been profiled extensively in national print, such as Town & Country and Elle Décor, and television media, including NBC’s Today Show and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. Her collections are sold in fine jewelry stores and gift shops nationwide, as well as at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and her own shop within Bergdorf Goodman.  Visit her web site at 

396 pages

The Harding Affair, Love and Espionage During the Great War

Creator: James D. Robenalt | 2009-09-01

The code contained sixty-four ordinary words that were given a special meaning and were to be used in public telegrams ... that played on the pet name Pouterson. Other words were more personalized love messages, and he continued to use ...

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

About this book
Warren Harding fell in love with his beautiful neighbor, Carrie Phillips, in the summer of 1905, almost a decade before he was elected a United States Senator and fifteen years before he became the 29th President of the United States.  When the two lovers started their long-term and torrid affair, neither of them could have foreseen that their relationship would play out against one of the greatest wars in world history--the First World War.  Harding would become a Senator with the power to vote for war; Mrs. Phillips and her daughter would become German agents, spying on a U. S. training camp on Long Island in the hopes of gauging for the Germans the pace of mobilization of the U. S. Army for entry into the battlefields in France. Based on over 800 pages of correspondence discovered in the 1960s but under seal ever since in the Library of Congress, The Harding Affair will tell the unknown stories of Harding as a powerful Senator and his personal and political life, including his complicated romance with Mrs. Phillips.  The book will also explore the reasons for the entry of the United States into the European conflict and explain why so many Americans at the time supported Germany, even after the U. S. became involved in the spring of 1917.   James David Robenalt's comprehensive study of the letters is set in a narrative that weaves in a real-life spy story with the story of Harding's not accidental rise to the presidency.

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