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104 pages


Creator: Ruth Benedict | Cooking - 1980-06

53 Diaper Invitations 53 Baby Buggy Invitation 53 Toy Train Invitation 53 Make Your Own Birth Announcements! ... Turtle 80 Pom-Pom Owl 80 Pom-Pom Duck 80 Pom- Pom Brown Dog 80 Remember Dad? 80 Baby Soaps and Washcloths 80 Macrame Knot ...

Publisher: Reiman Assoc

146 pages

Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies

Creator: Karyn Warburton | 2006-06-30

... Breast-feed, Butter, Cake, Cereal, Cheese, Chips, Drink, Eat, Egg, lce cream , Milk, Orange, Raisins, Sandwich, Sauce, Sausages, Sweet/Lollipop, Water People 108 Aunt, Baby/Doll, Boy, Brother, Clown, Doctor, Family, Father, Fireman, ...

Publisher: Perigee

About this book
Open the door to greater communication with your preverbal child through Baby Sign Language. This practical, illustrated guide shows how simple, easy-to-remember gestures can be used by you and your baby or toddler—to convey thoughts, needs, questions, and answers. It's easy, and babies absolutely love it! Baby-signing takes just a few hours to learn, and can be taught to babies as young as six months of age. In this volume, workshop instructor Karyn Warburton presents more than 200 baby-friendly signs covering a wide variety of subjects that little ones will love to learn and use, and will develop their cognitive skills, cut down on communication frustration, and create a stronger bond. This delightful, easy-to-use book features: • Clear, step-by-step instructions—based on the Baby Talk workshop format • Photographs and drawings to illustrate each sign • Baby-centered sign language activities, including songs and storytelling • Signs graded for difficulty levels • Tips on how to introduce and reinforce key signs

291 pages

Turtle Moon

Creator: Alice Hoffman | Travel - 1993

Bethany would bring her ribbon cake, and Randy a blue glass pitcher of margaritas, and when they came home ... She left two days later, and during the bus trip through the Carolinas she invented new names for herself and the baby.

Publisher: Berkley

About this book
The "New York Times" bestselling author of "Second Nature" and "Here on Earth" presents a "captivating...truly original novel" ( "Cosmopolitan" ), the story of a divorced woman, her disillusioned teenage son, and the events that change their lives in ways both simple and extraordinary. When Keith Rosen runs away from his Florida home - inexplicably taking along a motherless baby - his mother is perplexed and terrified. She takes off her own journey to find him. And "Turtle Moon" follows their path, in a "suspenseful, beautifully written" story that confirms once again the exquisite talent of Alice Hoffman.

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    Tumbleweed Babies 1175022 Little Turtle Diaper Cake - 2 Tier

    Baby Product (Tumbleweed Babies)

    2 receiving blankets: 30x30.
    25 Brand name disposable diapers.
    2-3 Johnson and Johnson Baby Care Items (travel size).
    1 High quality Turtle Plush (safety tested).
    1 8 oz BPA Free Feeding Bottle.

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    Tumbleweed Babies 1175023 Little Turtle Diaper Cake - 3 Tier

    Baby Product (Tumbleweed Babies)

    1 BPA Free Feeding Bottle.
    1 Brush and Comb Set.
    3 receiving blankets: 30 x 30.
    1 High quality Turtle Plush (safety tested).
    35 Brand name disposable diapers.

  • Tumbleweed Babies

    Tumbleweed Babies 1175022DS Little Turtle Diaper Cake 2 Tier

    Health and Beauty (Tumbleweed Babies)

    Disposable diapers.
    1 High quality Turtle Plush (safety tested).
    1 8 oz BPA Free Feeding Bottle.
    2-3 Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Items (travel size).
    2 receiving blankets, 30x30.

  • Tumbleweed Babies

    Tumbleweed Babies 1175023DS Little Turtle Diaper Cake 3 Tier

    Baby Product (Tumbleweed Babies)

    Disposable diapers.
    1 High quality Turtle Plush (safety tested).
    1 Brush & Comb Set.
    1 BPA Free Feeding Bottle, 8 oz.
    3 receiving blankets, 30x30.