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288 pages

Boys Adrift, The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men

Creator: Leonard Sax | 2009-01-06

Examines the possible reasons why American boys, from kindergarten to college, are less resilient and ambitious than twenty years ago, discussing the causes of failure in school and at home and presenting a series of practical solutions.

Publisher: Perseus Books Group

About this book
Something scary is happening to boys today. From kindergarten to college, they are less resilient and less ambitious than they were a mere twenty years ago. As for young men, it turns out the film Failure to launch is not far from the truth. Fully one-third of men ages 22-34 are still living at home with their parents--about a 100 percent increase in the past twenty years. Boys nationwide are increasingly dropping out of school; fewer are going to college; and for the first time in American history, women are outnumbering men at undergraduate institutions three to two. Parents, teachers, and mental health professionals are worried about boys. But until now, no one has come up with good reasons for their decline--and, more important, with workable solutions to reverse this troubling trend. Now, family physician and research psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax delves into the scientific literature and draws on his vast clinical experience to propose an entirely original view of why boys and young men are failing in school and at home. He argues that a combination of social, cultural, and biological factors is creating an environment that is literally toxic to boys, ranging from environmental estrogens to the over-prescription of ADHD drugs. And he presents practical solutions--from new ways of controlling boys' use of video games, to innovative (and workable) education reforms.

32 pages

I Love You More Than

Creator: Sandra Magsamen | 2001-03-01

The new series of four books celebrates love and friendship, the closeness between sisters, and the special bond we share with our cats.

Publisher: Stewart Tabori & Chang

About this book
With her best-selling Gestures of Kindness line, artist Sandra Magsamen has created a unique list of gift books, journals, and boxed note cards that speak to the key relationships, powerful emotions, and special occasions in our lives. The new series of four books celebrates love and friendship, the closeness between sisters, and the special bond we share with our cats. With her colorful artwork and inspiring prose, Magsamen expresses the way our heart responds to those we care about.Magsamen's gift line has proven extremely successful because of her ability to present simple but profound truths in an appealing, accessible format. The potential audience for her positive, empowering message is nearly universal.

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