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204 pages

Las Vegas Encounter

Creator: Sara Benson | Travel - 2009-03-01

In the free 'Show in the Sky,' Mardi Gras floats suspended from tracks in the ceiling parade above the gaming tables while racily costumed performers dance and lip-synch to pop rock and jazzy numbers, and toss shiny beaded necklaces to ...

About this book
What will your Las Vegas Encounter be? Strutting down the Strip in your brand new Jimmy Choos...Getting swept up in the frenzied world of Cirque du Soleil contortionists...Lingering over dry-aged Angus ribeye steak and sweet-potato cheesecake...Sliding through a shark tank followed by cocktails poolside...Perfecting your poker face as you risk your paycheck in Texas Hold'em...Sipping martinis and getting manicured before an all-night dance session. Discover twice the city in half the time! A handy full-color pull-out map includes all venues in the book and our expert author recommends the very best shows, eateries, clubs, shops, casinos, kitsch and more. Unique itineraries and highlights help you make the most of a short trip, and include local perspectives: meet a World Series of Poker champion, a host, restaurant owners and the manager of the Atomic Testing Museum.

264 pages

Lonely Planet Las Vegas City Guide

Creator: Sara Benson | Travel - 2008-08-01

During the free Masquerade Show in the Sky (hhourly 6pm-midnight), Mardi Gras floats, suspended from tracks in the ceiling, ... tables while costumed performers gyrate, lip- synch to jazzy or all-out rock songs, and toss bead necklaces.

Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications

About this book
Discover Las Vegas Slurp borsch and vodka after-hours at a Cirque du Soleil hangout Cool off in a room full of minty snow after an aphrodisiac-oil massage Indulge your inner showgirl with a new blonde bob and red-ostrich boa Leave Las Vegas on a Route 66 road trip and see the Grand Canyon between your feet In This Guide: One expert author, 500 hours of research, 152 restaurants, 15 graveyard steak specials Vegas Voices and Gambling chapters offer a peek into real-life Vegas and tips from our poker guru Eleven handy casino floor plans, plus details on the ubergreen Springs Preserve and tips on a sustainable visit Content updated daily - visit lonelyplanet.comfor up-to-the-minute reviews, updates and traveler insights

64 pages

Cruise Travel


Tss Festivale (foreground) joins sister ships Mardi Gras and Carnivale. New 4th ship, the Tropicaie is due in January. ... heads southward into warm Caribbean waters leaving the Bahamas off the starboard side like a giant jade necklace.

About this book
Cruise Travel is the world's leading cruise vacation magazine. Whether you're an experienced cruiser, a first-timer, or just dreaming of a cruise vacation, Cruise Travel is for you. Every issue is packed with full color features on the best cruise ships as well as complete deck plans for our "Ship of the Month" feature. Also included, is a complete cruise calendar featuring cruises throughout the U.S. and the world. Embarkation ports, all ports-of-call, and itineraries are also featured as well as complete costs of the cruises. Reviews of new and classic vessels, tips on shore excursions and shopping, and much more all written by industry leading travel writers and photographers.

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Mardi Gras Outlet: flamingo Product List
Mardi Gras Outlet sells Mardi Gras beads and party supplies wholesale to the public.

Mardi Gras Outlet: Pink Flamingo Products
A bobbling plastic pink flamingo on a 38" strand of AB Pink 12mm disco ball beads. Price depends on quantity purchased.

Bobbling Beads or Dancing Beads are Mardi Gras Beads with medallions attached which have moving parts. Popular Mardi Gras Medallions include dancing cat beads ...

Beads - Mardi Gras Spot
Mardi Gras Beads for sale cheap, and Party Beads for any party Theme. Available individually, by the dozen, by the case, and by the pallet.

Mardi Gras Beads, Necklaces, And Medallions For Any Event
Shop huge collection of Mardi Gras beads, themed necklaces, customizable medallions, and Mardi Gras throws for any event. We sell Mardi Gras beads bulk.


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  • Pink Flamingo Necklace New Orleans Mardi Gras Bead Necklace Spring Break Cajun Carnival Festival


    Colorful Authentic Premium Mardi Gras Bead Necklace-
    Colorful hand strung bead necklace-
    Medallions made of a durable bright hard plastic material-

  • Pink Flamingos Flamingo Beads Necklace New Orleans Mardi Gras Cajun Carnival Festival


    Colorful 32 inch bead necklace-
    Colorful Authentic Premium Mardi Gras Bead Necklace-
    Medallion made of a bright plastic with metallic colors-

  • Pink Flamingo Metal Necklace New Orleans Mardi Gras Bead Necklace Spring Break Cajun Carnival Festival


    Medallions made of a durable metal-
    Colorful Authentic Premium Mardi Gras Bead Necklace-
    Colorful hand strung bead necklace-

  • Jesse James & Co., Inc.

    Jesse James Beads 5569 Urban Ice Acrylic Beads, Flamingo

    Art and Craft Supply (Jesse James & Co., Inc.)

    Rating (13 reviews):
    Jesse James & Co., Inc.

    Nice beads but much larger than I thought they would be

    0 4/5 Karen, from Florida (Orlando, Florida) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Jesse James Beads 5570 Urban Ice Acrylic Beads, Purple Haze (Misc.) I guess I was expecting something suitable for a bracelet but these beads were quite large (maybe averaging the size of a dime). So it didn't work for me but I decided to give them to my 5 year old grand daughter so she could string together a necklace. The colors were pretty but I'd say these were suitable for something a kid would make and wear not something an adult would use. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , December 9, 2012

    not exactly what i thought i was ordering

    0 2/5 p bengford - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Jesse James Beads 5572 Urban Ice Acrylic Beads, Spice Market (Misc.) the picture and the product look very different..... was surprised when I opened the package. the quantity was nice but not the colors I was hoping 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , September 9, 2013

    Great for chunky statement jewelry

    0 5/5 MinesChick (Colorado) - See all my reviews This review is from: Jesse James Beads 5570 Urban Ice Acrylic Beads, Purple Haze (Misc.) Yes, they are large. Yes, they are plastic. If that is what you want, then order! I purchased this (not from Amazon) to make a chunky necklace to bring a pop of color to a Christmas outfit that was otherwise all black. Combining the vibrant pink and purple with some silver accents made for the kind of lovely statement piece that I wear on a daily basis to work and on evenings out. They aren't fancy, but they've definitely got their place. On the size: I'm only 5'-2", but I don't think that these are too large to wear in a single strand as a necklace for me. The very largest beads are probably about the size of a quarter. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , December 31, 2013
    List Price: $4.99
    Price: $3.59
    You Save: $1.40 (28%)
    4-ounce mix of assorted acrylic beads, approximately 65-piece
    Available in 5 other color combinations
    Warning, choking hazard, small parts, not for children under 3-years
    Contents and piece counts can vary
    Reclosable pillow pack

  • Jesse James Co.

    Jesse James (2-Pack) Urban Ice Beads Collection #5569 Flamingo 5569-2P

    Art and Craft Supply (Jesse James Co.)

    Perfect for stringing on a bracelet or creating a necklace; each package contains 4 ounces of beads
    An assortment of chunky mixed acrylic beads in trendy colors
    Warning-Choking Hazard, Small Parts, Not for children under 3 years.
    Please Note: Jesse James strives to keep mixed packs loaded with current hot trends so beads may vary in style, color, size, shape and number over time from those shown in the image above but the theme will always remain constant; image above shows selection, not complete contents
    Price includes 2 pack of Jesse James Urban Ice Beads Collection #5569 Flamingo 5569-2P (UPC: 787117538694)

  • props,power,picks,pinatas,napkins,pegboard,microbead,pendant,wires,cuff,screw,flip,flops,bird,naughty,pjs,nightgown,nurse,nighties,nightwear,nightgowns,nighty,pens,macbook,13,inch,knife,envelopes,ultra-thin,4.7'',5.5,mirror,5s,automatic,print,chrome,precision,tissot,boys,butterfly,tag,ballet,bakery,concert,fun,elf,eye,outfit,shaving,amazon,aquamarine,hallmark,curly,hunting,humor,neck,needle,noisemakers,n64,makers,nintendo,64,dreses-women,next,name,tags,quotes,basketball,backpack,bluetooth,bean,pill,couple,gag,gown,pro,retina,martini,brushes,microphone,display,muck,stationary,sincerity,twist,flamingos,flashlight,fitbit,pegboards,compatible,patterns,fuse,life,month,sticker,robe,rompers,romper,robes,embroidery,end,human,eyes,stitch,samples,mega,mermaid,multi,hybrid,tempered,acrylic,hard,skin,playhut,flannel,fitted,futon,fleece,natural,flapper,ones,bluray,yoga,pants,see,through,butt,shorts,yarn,earphone,easy,color,gem,east,buds,deer,easter,faberge,earings,earbuds,levears,lifts,locking,locks,loops,lever,back,clothing,camera,car,dark,garland,gemstone,green,gallery,glue,stress,game,terminator,thor,transformers,taxi,driver,crow,prestige,blood,trilogy,tomb,raider,bomb,viktor&,bulbs,bouquet,round,room,explosions,encore,anomia,plastic,equipment,eyeglasses,entertainment,mountain,imports,m&m,mustard,maxi,magic,orchestra,mittens,microwave,morphsuit,ugly,underware,undies,murder,mystery,dinner,thug,kitchen,grub,mounted,friendship,playtime,fast,fan,rubber,backings,dont,come,replacements,mp3,merchandise,globes,snowman,snowglobes,sconce,scent,seville,scentglow,snowmen,exclusive,antman,assassins,creed,avengers,psycho,armageddon,age,ultron,assassin,locket,moon,more,musical,leave,crush,jewel,camping,cats,sleeves,starwars,slipcovers,battlefront,trek,scarface,comforters,chrysalis,drum,instrument,dish,steeldrivers,bits,dragon,rocker,roulette,ion,rock,raft,rye,bread,sensitive,ears,magnets,mannequin,mold,mate,vaporizer,mandala,drew,barrymore,hypoallergenic,handmade,dolphin,desk,collar,dinosau

    Modern Fantasy Charms Steel Bead Butterfly Flower Diamond Polyhedron Party Gift Sweetheart Black Ear Stud Earrings Pendant Necklaces (Black)

    Jewelry (props,power,picks,pinatas,napkins,pegboard,microbead,pendant,wires,cuff,screw,flip,flops,bird,naughty,pjs,nightgown,nurse,nighties,nightwear,nightgowns,nighty,pens,macbook,13,inch,knife,envelopes,ultra-thin,4.7'',5.5,mirror,5s,automatic,print,chrome,precision,tissot,boys,butterfly,tag,ballet,bakery,concert,fun,elf,eye,outfit,shaving,amazon,aquamarine,hallmark,curly,hunting,humor,neck,needle,noisemakers,n64,makers,nintendo,64,dreses-women,next,name,tags,quotes,basketball,backpack,bluetooth,bean,pill,couple,gag,gown,pro,retina,martini,brushes,microphone,display,muck,stationary,sincerity,twist,flamingos,flashlight,fitbit,pegboards,compatible,patterns,fuse,life,month,sticker,robe,rompers,romper,robes,embroidery,end,human,eyes,stitch,samples,mega,mermaid,multi,hybrid,tempered,acrylic,hard,skin,playhut,flannel,fitted,futon,fleece,natural,flapper,ones,bluray,yoga,pants,see,through,butt,shorts,yarn,earphone,easy,color,gem,east,buds,deer,easter,faberge,earings,earbuds,levears,lifts,locking,locks,loops,lever,back,clothing,camera,car,dark,garland,gemstone,green,gallery,glue,stress,game,terminator,thor,transformers,taxi,driver,crow,prestige,blood,trilogy,tomb,raider,bomb,viktor&,bulbs,bouquet,round,room,explosions,encore,anomia,plastic,equipment,eyeglasses,entertainment,mountain,imports,m&m,mustard,maxi,magic,orchestra,mittens,microwave,morphsuit,ugly,underware,undies,murder,mystery,dinner,thug,kitchen,grub,mounted,friendship,playtime,fast,fan,rubber,backings,dont,come,replacements,mp3,merchandise,globes,snowman,snowglobes,sconce,scent,seville,scentglow,snowmen,exclusive,antman,assassins,creed,avengers,psycho,armageddon,age,ultron,assassin,locket,moon,more,musical,leave,crush,jewel,camping,cats,sleeves,starwars,slipcovers,battlefront,trek,scarface,comforters,chrysalis,drum,instrument,dish,steeldrivers,bits,dragon,rocker,roulette,ion,rock,raft,rye,bread,sensitive,ears,magnets,mannequin,mold,mate,vaporizer,mandala,drew,barrymore,hypoallergenic,handmade,dolphin,desk,collar,dinosau)
    List Price: $39.28
    Price: $16.28
    You Save: $23.00 (59%)

    Noble gorgeous decoration
    Dispatched and sent out in a delicate black lucky pocket
    Stud earrings and necklace perfect combination
    Delivery time is usually within 7-15 days
    Suitable for all kinds of party

  • Pink Flamingo Bathing Suit Beach Bead Necklace New Orleans Mardi Gras Spring Break Cajun Carnival Festival

    Single Detail Page Misc

    Colorful hand strung bead necklace-
    Medallions made of a durable polystone resin-
    Colorful Authentic Premium Mardi Gras Bead Necklace-

Mardi Gras