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Lot Of 149 Various Tuftex

Lot Of 149 Various Tuftex Balloons With Pump - Bookshelf

Handbuch derinternationalenKautschukindstrie, International rubber directory. Manuel international du caoutchouc

Rubber industry and trade - 1967

Hoses: coal cutter and rock drill, suction and delivery; insertion sheeting, pump valves, rubber sheets, rubber flooring, mats, stair ... heels (Phillips Express and Standard heels); cushion heelgrips; BERITEX seamless football bladders; BERITEX meteorological balloons. ... Natural and synthetic latex compounds for all purposes, including adhesives, dipping, casting, carpet and felt backing, textile ... company: Rubber-Latex-Poeder-Compagnie N. V., 149 Singel, Amsterdam C (Holland).

160 pages

The Desert is Yours

Creator: Erle Stanley Gardner | California, Southern - 1966

256 pages

The Hidden Heart of Baja

Creator: Erle Stanley Gardner | Rock paintings - 1964


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