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238 pages

My Friend Margie

Creator: Teresa K. Wickstrom | Fiction - 2014-02-24

It was great fun but I got tired out quickly because it was up to me to retrieve the balls, give three balls to the next ... Near 6:00 p.m., Jeff and Jacob arrived as planned. ... The evening was a tremendous success, with lots of games and prizes (glow sticks, neon glow-inthe-dark lanyards, ... When Margie entered the TV room as Jacob was eating Lucky Charms, I noticed immediately a big pink spot on her ...


About this book
A beautiful young woman leaves home to escape her personal hell. Her friends give her refuge - and a chance to improve her life. Will she succeed?

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Science - 1988

Light up a child's room with tht beauty ol glowing stars and have run with astronomy Easy lo apply decals glow after ... Just dissolve the pre-rmxedchem -* fc ' teals m water The first sparMmg crystals will NjA appear in a few hours, reaching up ... When beads turn pink, just heat in oven and reuse Chemically inert, non-corrosive, non-tome, will not impan odor or taste A36 ... necklace lanyard and instructions A33.54S (39.95 Star Machine Personal Planetarium Projects Over 300 Stars and ...

175 pages

Generals Die in Bed, A Story from the Trenches

Creator: Charles Yale Harrison | Juvenile Fiction - 2002

A young soldier with the Canadian forces questions the meaning of heroism, of truth, and of good and evil as he describes life in the trenches during World War I.

Publisher: Annick Press

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